TempuraLift RF

TempuraLift RF®

TempuraLift RF® is a non-invasive radio-frequency treatment, which is able to improve the look and feel of prematurely aged skin. TempuraLift RF® enables an optical smoothing and firming of the skin without surgery or injections: gentle and effective for all problem areas and skin types.

During the treatment radio frequency waves penetrate up to 5mm into the skin and warm up the connective tissue to 45-60°C. Hereby the collagen fibers contract and firm the tissue. The treatment additionally stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the skin. This effect is supported by the infrared application. A maximum effect is achieved after 4-6 months.

Which results can be achieved?

  • Condition and elasticity of the facial skin can be improved
  • Facial contours can be remodeled
  • Sagging cheeks and double chins can be firmed
  • Crow’s feet and fine lines can be smoothed
  • Wrinkles caused by improper sleeping can be improved
  • Bags and dark circles under the eyes can be improved
  • Cellulite and scars can be improved
  • Pores are minimized


  • First charge the tool by placing it in its’ charging station. The red LED will be blinking during the charging phase. When fully charged, the red LED is turned on continuously, without blinking.

Please only recharge the device once the battery is completely empty. A fully charged battery has a runtime of 4 hours. The tool can be left in the charging station as long as there is no power supply.

  • Remove from charging station when using the tool. It will not work, while being connected to a power source.
  • Press the ON/OFF button. The orange LED lights up. The device is now ready and the required function can be chosen. To switch it off, press the ON/OFF button. The light will turn off.
  • Infrared function: Press the ‘infrared’ button. The green LED lights up on the handle of the device and additionally 6 LEDs light up on the base. In this mode it is purely an infrared treatment and can be used without the TempuraLift RF® frequency function. To switch off the infrared function, press the ‘infrared’ button once more.
  • TempuraLift RF function: Switch the TempuraLift function on by pressing the ‘TempuraLift’ button. Automatically the red LED will light up ‘low’ for the lowest strength. Choose the desired (low, medium, high) strength by repeatedly pressing the button.

Test the lowest setting on your forearm first. Please always use the ‘low’ modus for sensitive areas, especially around the eyes and lips.

Application TempuraLift®
Apply a cream or serum to the area to be treated, that is well tolerated by your skin. If necessary, reapply.

  • Apply the total contact area of the device on the skin, whilst covering the metal strips on the side of the tool with the hand. The device does not work with partial contact to the skin.

Four red lights will light up on the side, when applied correctly.

  • Depending on the user’s sensitivity a pulsed tingling and a heating can be felt. If the skin is not sensitive and nothing is felt, it does not mean, that the appliance is not working. Therefore, please keep following the given instructions.
  • On ‘low’ mode, hold at the same spot for maximum 10 seconds, on ‘medium’ for maximum of 5 seconds and on ‘high’, hold for a maximum of 3 seconds on the same spot. Move to the spot right next to it after. Please follow the given instructions to prevent excessive heating of the tissue, which might lead to sunburn-like conditions. When used correctly, there should be no negative side effects.
  • Shorten the application time or reduce the intensity as soon as the warmth feels uncomfortable.
  • There is a maximum of 5 applications per area on the skin per treatment. Please do not overlap the usage. A complete cycle of the facial areas is to be treated, then the process should be restarted.
  • Treat the skin with this device maximum once a week.
  • Always start with the low frequency and maintain this mode for week 1 to 4. If the skin does not show signs of sensitivity, you can switch to ‘medium’ in week 5 and as of week 9, you can use the ‘high’ mode.
  • Always use the ‘low’ mode for the eye and lip area.
  • The tool will turn itself off automatically after 5 minutes. You can switch it on again immediately afterwards and continue the treatment, if you wish so.
  • Apply a moisturizing mask on the treated area after using the device.
  • When redness occurs, the skin can be cooled
  • Please do not wear any metal accessories or jewelry on the areas to be treated during the application.

The TempuraLift RF function should be used only 1x per week for a period of 4-6 months. After that you can pause the treatment for 6 months, after which the treatment can be restarted from the beginning in the ‘low’ mode. Alternatively continue using the TempuraLift RF once every 4 weeks in the last used setting.

The infrared function can be used to penetrate active ingredients into the skin. Please make sure, that the TempuraLift RF function is not turned on, and then the infrared function can be used every day. Recommended are 5 minutes daily for the face. Please use safety glasses for the eyes and do not apply the device directly to the eyes.

When and where should the TempuraLift RF not be used

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • on inflamed tissue or open wounds
  • directly on facial erythroses and rosacea
  • do not use it on individuals with pacemakers
  • Over metal implants that are not made of titanium, gold or platinum
  • On mucous membranes
  • Directly on the eyes – at the most it can be used under the eyebrows and around the edge of the eyes
  • Not directly on the thyroid

The 10 most frequently asked questions

May I use the TempuraLift RF® over metal implants?
Yes, if the implants are titanium, gold or platinum. Ask your dentist, usually all modern implants are made of one of these materials.

May I use TempuraLift RF on areas that have been treated with Botox or fillers?
Yes, according to scientific research, radiofrequency therapy has no negative effect on or interferes with Botox or fillers.

May I use TempuraLift RF more frequently than 1x per week or remain on one area longer, if I do not feel anything?
No, skin that is not sensitive will not only feel anything during the treatment. The effect sets after 4-6 months. Incorrect usage can lead to excessive heating of the tissue and cause sunburn-like conditions. When used correctly, there should be no negative side effects.

May I use TempuraLift RF in case of thyroid illnesses?
Yes, however, avoid the neck area. Do not use over the thyroid.

May I use TempuraLift RF with a pacemaker?

Can the subcutaneous fat tissue melt?
When used correctly, treatments do not have any negative side effects. Please follow the given application times.

Why does TempuraLift RF work faster with some and slower with other?
That depends on the age and condition of the skin. The older the skin, the longer it takes for the effects to show.

What can happen if I wear metal or jewelry on the areas I wish to treat?
Metal can heat up through radio frequency

May I use TempuraLift RF if I have a skin disorder?

Can I increase the strength of the frequency to accelerate results?
No, please follow the given instructions, as the skin will be stressed and undesired side effects may appear. Please use low or medium mode with higher age.

Under supervision or after given instruction on safety precautions and potential dangers, this device can be used by children of eight years and above, as well as individuals with limited physical, mental or sensory abilities or lack of experience or knowledge. Children may not play with this device. They may only clean or maintain the appliance under supervision.

Safety indications

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Only use as intended
  • Only use the appliance with the supplied power plug and USB-plug
  • This device is not waterproof
  • Clean with a soft cloth, do not use water
  • Store dry

Old devices are not to be disposed in the domestic waste bin! If the device can no longer be used, every consumer is legally obligated to dispose old devices separately, by taking them to community collection points. Doing so will ensure the old devices will be properly disposed and the negative effects on the environment can be avoided. For this reason, electrical devices are marked with this symbol.