Solutions Microdermabrasio

Solutions Microdermabrasio

The Solutions Microdermabrasio was developed to improve the skin structure and elasticity with an innovative dual effect, for smoother and more refined skin. The revitalizing peeling gently removes excess skin particles, that might clog the pores and dull the complexion.

The vacuum absorption technic clears the pores, purifies from dirt and blackheads and simultaneously promotes blood circulation. This boosts the cell regeneration and the skin texture improves noticeably.

The Solutions Microdermabrasio offers a combination of active pressure massage, with the most modern vacuum absorption technic, combined with a peeling system that purifies, massages and peels the skin. This boosts the regeneration of the skin. The skin can breathe, the blood circulation and collagen production increase and the skins firmness and elasticity are improved.

Thanks to the microcrystal-coated peeling attachment the excess skin particles are gently removed and vacuumed with the vacuum function. This ensures a more refined and improved complexion and revives the skin by boosting the natural cell regeneration process.

The vacuum absorption technic provides a gentle and stimulating massage, that boost the blood circulation while vacuuming dead skin cells.

Areas of application

  • Removes dead skin cells and counteracts skin impurities
  • Improves the skins ability to regenerate itself
  • Reduces skin imperfections
  • Can improve age marks and wrinkles
  • Can boost blood circulation and collagen production
  • Can speed up the skin’s metabolism
  • Activates the skin regeneration processes
  • Improves the skins ability to absorb nourishing ingredients
  • If used regularly the device can optically refine the complexion.

Treatment with Solutions Microdermabrasio


  • First cleans the skin thoroughly
  • To open the pores and to optimally prepare the skin for the Microdermabrasion, put a hot towel on the face for about 10 minutes. If you own a steamer for the face, use it according to the instructions before using the Solutions Microdermabrasio. Dry the face with a towel after, until it is completely dry.

NOTE: The device is solely meant to be used dry. Do not use it on a wet face or in the shower or bathtub.

  • Then choose one of the four different attachments, plug it onto the top of the device and turn it on.

Treatment attachments

1x microcrystal peeling attachment (rough) for normal skin
For a revitalizing treatment. Gently removes excess skin particles
Application area: Whole face except the eye area

1x microcrystal coated peeling attachment (fine) for sensitive skin
For a revitalizing treatment. Gently removes excess skin particles
Application area: Whole face except the eye area

1x attachment with small circular opening
For deep cleansing of the pores and for active pressure massage
Application area: for sensitive skin or sensitive skin areas e.g. eye area, mouth area and nose area

1x attachment with elliptical opening
For deep cleansing of the skin and for active pressure massage
Application area: especially for sensitive skin areas e.g. eye area, mouth area and area around the nose

Treatment instructions

  • Plug in the desired attachment
  • Choose a level of intensity (1-4). For areas with thin skin and sensitive skin, please reduce the intensity level.
  • Place the Solutions Microdermabrasio, with the desired attachment plugged, on the face so that you can feel the suction. Make sure that there is full contact to the skin at all times. Do not press the attachment to the face though.
  • Move the attachment gently in straight lines across the face. Do not stay longer than 3 seconds on the same skin spot. Start at the chin and move the device to the cheeks, the forehead and to the nose. Make sure you treat all areas of the face.

TIP: Stretch the skin with the free hand and move the device away from that hand. This makes it easier to achieve an optimal suction effect, especially on the temples and cheeks.


  • After the treatment the skin might have some redness. This is normal and will subside after about 30 minutes.
  • Apply a calming mask, day or night cream and make sure to use a day cream with SPF, if you leave outside after the treatment.
  • Do not use any mechanical or chemical peelings for another 3 days.
  • Make-up can be applied immediately after the treatment.

Safety instructions

  • Only use this device as intended.
  • Read the manual carefully before operating the device and store it.
  • Do not use this device in wet environments (close to a bathtub, shower etc.) In no case this device can get wet!
  • Only use and store it in a surrounding temperature of 15°C to 35°C
  • After using the tool, make sure to unplug it from the power source and do not leave it unattended.
  • Do not screw open the device and no not touch any internal parts
  • Only use the original replacement parts
  • Do not shake this device or expose it to impacts
  • Liability will not be assumed of consequential or property damage or personal injury that arises from negligence with the safety instructions and operation of the device.
  • This device is not suitable for people (including children) with limited physical or mental abilities.
  • This device may not be used by individuals with physical, mental or sensory disabilities and individuals who are not familiar with the proper operation of this tool. Only if they have the necessary supervision or were instructed in the safe use of this tool and were pointed to the dangers, they may use this device.
  • Store this device out of the reach of children
  • This tool is not suitable for children under the age of 15.
  • Children between the age of 15 to 18 should not use this device without the supervision of an adult.
  • The cleaning and maintenance work are prohibited to be done by children.
  • Do not use this device for anything other than the massaging and gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells on the skin surface, to speed up the normal skin regeneration process.
  • Do not use this device in combination with chemical of mechanical peelings.

This could damage your skin and the device.

The safety instructions have no claim of completeness!