Hot-Cool Sonic

The Hot-Cool Sonic is a device you should not be missing out on. It offers divers cosmetic application possibilities, but is also useful in day to day life.

What does the device do?

  • Warms up to 42°C or cools down to 6°C, in each case with or without frequency
  • Desired temperature is achieved in seconds, temperature change happens fast
  • Turns off automatically after 2.5 minutes in one temperature mode

What is the device suitable for?

  • Cooling: pleasant and soothing on skin with enlarged pores
  • Heat treatment: ideal and pleasant on skin for a fresh complexion
  • Sonic treatment: ideal and pleasant on the skin for a fresh and rosy complexion

Use our cosmetic products for a supportive effect. Use selectively or in circular motions on the skin. Do not remain on the same spot.

Before using the device for the first time the charging time is 3 hours, use a USB-Charger or a network connector.

The runtime amounts 1 hour, if charged fully. There is no cable or power source necessary during the utilization of the device.

  • Press the ON-button for approx. 3 seconds. Automatically a red lamp will turn on, which means the heat treatment will start. (hot)
  • If you want the additional sonic treatment with the heat treatment, press same button again briefly. The red and the yellow lamp will be turned on. (sonic)
  • If you press the ON-button again briefly, the cooling treatment will start by turning on the blue lamp. (cold)
  • Additional sonic treatment can be started by repeated pressing of the ON-button. The blue and yellow light will be turned on. (sonic)

After choosing the desired function, position the device on the skin. Hot-Cool Sonic turns off automatically after 2.5 minutes, it can be turned on immediately though.

Safety instructions

  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Only use as intended.
  • Test the temperature functions on the temperature insensitive palm first.
  • If the device feels too hot or too cold, do not use it on the skin.
  • Only use the device with the supplied chargers.
  • Do not use the sonic function during pregnancy.
  • Device is not waterproof.
  • Clean with a soft cloth, do not use water.

Old devices are not to be disposed in the domestic waste bin! If the device can no longer be used, every consumer is legally obligated to dispose old devices separately, by taking them to community collection points. Doing so will ensure the old devices will be properly disposed and the negative effects on the environment can be avoided. For this reason, electronic devices are marked with this symbol.