Mission as doctor in Africa

„Anyone who gets sick in Kenya and has no money – has to die!“

Cargo Human Care (CHC) is a humanitarian and medical aid project launched by Lufthansa Cargo employees in collaboration with doctors from all over Germany.

The core element of the commitment is the direct medical assistance for the ones in need, sick and suffering people, as well as assistance for destitute and underserved orphans.

In a Cargo Human Care Medical Center, opened in 2009, and in cooperation with local medical institutions, as well as local charitable organizations, Cargo Human Care e. V. brings specific help to where it is needed. Within the next 3 years, a center for „Maternal & Child Health” is to be set up at the Cargo Human Care Medical Center for the needy population of the region. The main focus will be the medical screenings of pregnant women, family planning and the health prevention for children.


Today the CHC Medical Center treats approximately 2,000 patients per month. The drugs are free and necessary surgeries are paid by Cargo Human Care. Dr. Michaela Fuchs works in Kenya as an ENT doctor. Above all, she also tends to children with hearing aids, that would not have the chance to go to school and lead an independent life without this medical device. This project is supported by the “Hear the World Foundation” with financial resources and the free provision of hearing aids.

„My work in Kenya means a lot to me.
Here I feel like I’m really needed.“

Photos: © Cargo Human Care and Hear the World Foundation