Regeneration Therapy

Maximum Repair Hand Cream

In the Maximum Repair Hand Cream the desire of customers was heard to develop a hand cream that works against the signs of aging. Especially the pigmentation disorders and dried skin, which reveal the true age can be improved with this hand cream.

Microencapsulated retinol (vitamin A)
Retinol is still the accepted “gold standard” in the every day fight against wrinkles. Highly effective, but also extremely difficult to process and because of its photosensitivity extremely unstable.

A new encapsulation method makes it possible to process the highly potent drug at a high concentration. The known incompatibilities, such as skin irritation are significantly minimized by the novel encapsulation method.

In addition, the retinol can be optimally stabilized thanks to the new technology and delivered evenly and completely into the skin. So the cell regeneration and collagen production can be maximized and wrinkles and age spots are reduced. In addition retinol helps to refine pores and it can correct a spotty, unflat complexion.

Revinage is a herbal formula from the Brazilian jungle. The mode of action of the plant extract potentiates the effect of retinol to a multiple without increasing the known skin irritation.

This particular combination of active ingredients against wrinkles and age spots is unique.

Argan oil
Argan oil has a very good antioxidant effect by a high vitamin E content to protect the skin against environmental influences.

Antibacterial effect