Oxygen Therapy

Power Infusion Eye Cream

O2 Power Infusion Eye Cream

 A combination of 3 active ingredients act against puffiness, redness and irritations. The skin can revitalize through oxygenation. The improved supply of nutrients and the stimulated microcirculation enables Oxygen Therapy to provide rosy skin and strengthen the immune function through phytoncide.

Oxygen Therapy is suitable for all skin types and ages.


Niacinamide fights skin irritations and improves the surface structure of the skin by stabilizing the epidermal barrier function. Thereby loss of moisture in the corneal layer of the skin is reduced. The skin is calmed through the anti-inflammatory effects of niacinamide, the loss of moisture is reduced and wrinkles are smoothed.

Fibroblast Booster Needle-free Collagen and Elastin-Filler
With age the fibroblasts, which are responsible for the buildup of the collagen-elastin network, lose their energy and almost completely cease their normal metabolism. This is where the fibroblast activator sets in, by providing the resting fibroblasts with energy in form of MG6P (Methyl-Glucoside-6-Phosphate). In order to reactivate the production of collagen and elastin, the amino acids lysine and proline are provided, which play an important role in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Another active ingredient is copper, which reactivates lysyloxidase and contributes to binding the collagen and elastin fibers.

In Japan the positive effect of phytoncides has been known for a long time. The local therapy based on phytoncides called Shirin-Yoku. Essential oil derived from trees, especially those of pine and cypress, contain phytoncides. They can improve the resilience of the cells and reduce environmentally caused aging. Studies show a sun protective function for 12 hours. The skin is strengthened and firmed and a noticeable skin brightening is achieved.

All Oxygen Therapy products are enriched with oxygen. The oxygen content in the air is remarkably lower today, than it was a hundred years ago. Through oxygenation the oxygen supply to the skin is increased, thus resulting in a healthy skin metabolism.

Apply after cleansing in the morning and evening around the eyes and tap in lightly.

Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics can be combined with other cosmetics.

Particular substances in cosmetics may cause allergic reactions, depending on personal predispositions.