Moisture Lift Therapy

Peel Off Gesichtsmaske

BiotinPolymer Complex Peel-off Face Mask

The BiotinPolymer Complex Peel-off Mask is a highly concentrated face mask against impurities for a deep cleans. The mask is firming and has a pore refining effect. Dead skin cells are eliminated and the skin looks rosy and soft.

The BiotinPolymer Complex provides the skin layers with moisture, vitamins and lipids for a firmer skin. Additionally, it builds up the skin through the beauty vitamin biotin. The hyaluronic acid retains a maximum amount of moisture. The collagen regeneration is stimulated and the extra-cellular matrix is strengthened, for more volume and less wrinkles. Vegan silk provides a velvety feel to the skin and additionally raises the moisture retaining capacity of the skin.

Apply to the face when needed. Make sure, that the mask is a homogenic surface, to achieve the optimal results. Leave out the eye area. Let it absorb until dry completely. If you apply the mask thinly the drying will take about 20 minutes, if applied in a thick layer it might take 60 minutes. Peel it off after (if applied thinly, roll it off) and apply the usual day or night care. After removal the skin might tingle.

Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics can be combined with other cosmetics.