Moisture Lift Therapy

MLT Eye Gel Concentrate 30 ml

BiotinPolymer Complex Eye Gel Concentrate

Puffiness, dark circles and fine wrinkles have become daily obstacles around the eyes. The Moisture Lift Therapy BiotinPolymer Complex Eye Gel concentrate has specially been designed to counter this tendency.
The concentrate is highly efficient and should be used daily. For a radiant look!

The BiotinPolymer complex provides the skin layers with moisture, vitamins and lipids for a firm skin and a build-up of the skin through the beauty vitamin biotin.

Biotin is an essential vitamin, which preserves the cells metabolism and thereby the skins regenerative capacity.

Biotin is not produced in sufficient quantities in our body. For the first time the unique microencapsulated Biotin-Polymer complex provides the skin with biotin through cosmetics. The hyaluronic acids retain a maximum amount of moisture. Vegan silk provides a velvety feel to the skin and additionally raises the moisture-retaining capacity of the skin.

The Moisture Lift Therapy Line is suitable for every skin type and all ages.

Apply around the eyes tapping lightly in the morning and evening.

Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics can be combined with other cosmetics.

If so personally inclined, particular substances may cause allergic reactions.