DG Nucleotropin Sirtuin Power Booster 30 ml

Nucleotropin Sirtuin Power Booster

The Nucleotropin Sirtuin Power-Booster is a power concentrate, which activates the skins cell repair process. High concentrated Nucleotropin and 2 high performance peptides for a powerful optical anti-wrinkle effect.

The DermaGenics line is the technological advancement of the approach using bioactive components. A new dimension of effective, goal-orientated cosmetics has developed through the possibility of using the latest extraction process by a high-tech laboratory and the cooperation with biotechnologists, cosmetic chemists and doctors.

Nucleotropin – a substance that was exclusively developed worldwide for Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics.

The DNA is the blueprint of life. Nucleotides (nucleic acids) are the components of DNA, they consist of amino acids in a particular sequence. With the years the regeneration potency of the genes wane, they reproduce faultily or lose fragments that are necessary for the regeneration and youthful growth of the skin.

For the DermaGenics Nucleotropin line highly polymerized nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) are extracted out of young grapevine tissue under sterile conditions. These are generated into DNA components in a highly technological process, whereby the genetic information for growth and regeneration is encoded. These DNA-codes connect to receptor points on the skin cells and are able to repair the fragmented regeneration information.

Apply the highly concentrated serum to the cleansed face in the mornings or evenings. Thereafter a day or night cream may be applied.

Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics can be combined with other cosmetics.

If so personally inclined, particular substances may cause allergic reactions.