BeautyMed Therapy 2.0

BM 20 Needle free Eye Cream Augencreme 15 ml

Needle-free Eye Creme

The BeautyMed Therapy 2.0 Needle-free eye cream is an “all-in-one” product which means a day care for all problem zones around the eyes – dry skin folds, sagging parts and mimic wrinkles.

All 4 bioactive ingredients Needle-free filler, Syn®-Ake, Syn®-Hycan and Syn®-Coll are unified in this cream. Suitable for all skin types, this eye cream helps diminish puffiness, eye bags and wrinkles. The collagen and hyaluronic acid regeneration in the skin are activated and expression lines can be minimized.

Apply around the eyes in the morning and evening and tap in lightly.

Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics can be combined with other cosmetics.

If so personally inclined, particular substances may cause allergic reactions.